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…is a playful, humorous approach to expressing ourselves and communicating our disabilities accurately, while neither becoming maudlin nor disparaging ourselves.

In the case of brain injury, as well as many disabilities that are not readily apparent, survivors are thought of as malingerers or complainers when we try to make our limitations understood.  Since I am high-functioning, it is my job to give voice to some of our concerns -- others simply can't -- and My Cap© is one humorous, playful way to make a strong statement.  It is intended to be used primarily within a group of others similarly challenged.  It's a great way for people to explore their situations and develop more self-awareness while sharing and comparing within the group.  And when support for key legislation is needed, we can present a good picture opportunity, getting coverage by the press!  Always it is a positive, fun way to express oneself, not stigmatizing nor limiting.


On a baseball-style cap, multiple brightly colored foam hands are attached, each labeled by the wearer with a symptom or obstacle or consequence of one’s disability, or even with individual strengths!  The intention is to communicate with those unaware of these truths, present solidarity and credibility for our needs, or to achieve sincere self-expression in a playful manner.

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