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Tickles ‘n Tears

      The Psychology of Humor

     Written in a conversational style that is widely accessible and entertaining, this book deals with a slippery subject that touches all our lives.  Humor is neither gushed over nor white-washed, but rather explored as a source of delight, a defense mechanism, and a survival strategy deserving of intelligent consideration.

 Genuine humor is involuntary and spontaneous.  The author’s observations and conclusions will affirm the readers’ own experiences, involving each in the process of discovery.

 Clinicians will find solid explanations for the idiosyncratic nature of humor. Personal insights as well as increased appreciation of the human condition are clear benefits to learning more about this pervasive trait.  In fact, a better understanding of humor defuses malicious elements that could spoil the fun!


   Comments and Acclaim

14 Year-Old after reading the first chapter:  “Wow!  You should call this The TRUTH About Humor!”

Former Head of Counseling and Guidance, UMASS:  “I’m so glad you’re doing this, bringing it up so humor can be talked about and explored!  You really should do a monograph in a professional journal.”

Whacky Unconventional Doctor, of movie fame:  “What IS humor?  Who cares!  Just enjoy it!  …maybe you’re whining.”

Clinical Psychiatrist:  “I don’t know much theory about humor; I know the Dali Lama laughs a lot and that’s good enough for me.”

Biofeedback Psychotherapist:  “I really like this.”

Councilor General for Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, Rome:  “Oh, I find that sooo interesting.  I did my Divinity Master’s Thesis on The Spirituality of Humor!”

Mystery Writer:  I didn’t analyze it too much, but after reading it I felt happier.”

Researcher at Laughlab, University of Herfordshire, UK:  “The more we understand about how people’s background and culture affect their senses of humour, the more we will be able to communicate effectively.”

Author of historical fiction:  “I just want more, more, more!”

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