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Louise Speck

  …has an academic background in counseling psychology, education and special needs.  Her practical experience extends across teaching, counseling and entertaining in a variety of facilities, cultures and countries.  Everywhere, she has observed humor – how it is received, perceived and expressed.

Since she is aware of how much diligent primary research (she’s done some of that, too) is required to ‘prove’ a theory, Speck relies instead on the test of time and experience to validate her work on the psychology of humor.  She shares her insights, and depends on her readers for those little mental nudges when their own understandings of life resonate with what they learn in the book, or during workshops and other presentations.

“So,” she says.  “This is my opinion.”

   Since her preference is to share the good, the bad, and the glorious with as many as possible, Louise Speck presents and performs as a clinical clown, known as simply Spec.  Her visits with elders, patients, students and residents wherever she goes become memorable events or perhaps provide welcome distraction from tedium, pain, or sadness.


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